The Return

Reasons for return

More that three years have passed since the last publications in this blog. Now I'm filled with new ideas, desires and power to revive blog and create new content.

In general, I want to do a blog for myself: it's a good opportunity to write some ideas, as well as a good way to practice English. And this post is something like formality, explaining the further destiny of this blog.

What kind of posts are expected in the future?

Of course about game development. I want to pay attention on the analysis of prototypes, new releases and updates – key ideas and hypotheses, devlog notes, current statuses and post-mortems.

Also, I plan to expand the subject of the posts. Lately a number of thoughts have appeared that I want to share with others; in common about self-organization. And I always wanted to review some products (games, movies, software, etc.), now I hope to find time for it.

About tech side of the blog

Old blog used WordPress on custom hosting but it was lost in time. I decided to use Blogger for new version. It's not the best platform for blogging but I like Google services and hope that blogger could be better in future.

I revived old posts using Web Archive but some pictures, links or formatting could be missed. These posts labeled as `oldpost`, don't have great importance, but I want to save them by some reason.

This time I don't promise any regularity of publishing posts, but I'll be glad if you check here sometimes (it's strange that I can't find any subscription tool on the blogger).


Little release, new announcement and Twitch

As I said in previous post, PATRIOT project is frozen for indefinite term. But it’s not mean that closed. PATRIOT is almost complete and I will return to it in near future. But I have some news.
Few time ago I released small game called TwoNumbers. It was made in only one night. Game has little confusing rules, but it is very simple and minimalistic. I got some feedback (even from Tom Fulp at PM on Newgrounds) and hope I’ll make mobile port soon. Don’t be strict, just keep in mind that it was made by one man in few hours.
I noticed, that my last games was really simple and small. So I started make new game called Holiday in DPRK. It’s something like jRPG about team of cool soldiers in North Korea which must kill Kim Jong-un. Game is a satiric and trash a little. I started to draw for this game. I hope I will develop it till the end and it will get positive feedback. I planned make game about North Korea already few months, but only short time ago I got nice idea.
And last little news is about my Twitch channel. Sometimes I stream game development there. Not really interesting but who knows. Just follow it. Thanks.


Standstill 2

Few months past after last post and I need something to write here.

As I said, I have no stable job right now. So I spend a lot if time for getting money at different projects. But now I get some energy and unfreeze my main main project PARTIOT. It need a lot of work and I can’t promise soon release. But work is going and it was moved from dead point. I hope on some news for you at near future.

I skip last Ludum Dare because of theme. It really sucks. I have a lot of awesome ideas for new projects, but first I need to complete current. And it not cancel my words about outsource projects where I getting money.


Current status

Some time has passed, you need to know about my current business.

I started development of the promising project called PATRIOT. I call it game but it more looks like monumental social experiment. At this time I doing it not alone – my good friends took server-side programming (yes, it’s not single player game). I really lay my hopes on PATRIOT.


In addition, I can say that possible few little projects in partnership with great DiscoFish. I have plans for game series with different mechanics but with same universe. I think Alex can do awesome art style for this project. He agreed for this, but I can’t promise it soon because I will take outsource job for money~ Hey, I’m indie and I need money sometimes!


Ports to iOS — check

After I left my job, it was pretty easy to complete updates and ports. Before I planned it done until summer end but now it was finished in few weeks. I’m glad. Here are the links in AppStore:
And guess what? I reincarnated my octahedron studios site. New lite WordPress design and separate  pages for games. Hope you like it. It need some work and time but it better than it was before (static blank page if you remember).
Now I’m started working on new project, that not really game but huge social experiment. It will be awesome and weird. And now I’m not alone with it: my old friend helping me with server side programming. It first not solo experience in development for me (except taphophobia of course).
It will be a lot of news at near time. You can follow my fresh Twitter — there are will be some short news.
Thanks for reading, I’m happy.


Indie. Day one

Today is the first day without office. Yep, I quit my job yesterday. Now I’m poor but free. Now I can take all time to my games.

Here the plan for near future
  • Make updates and iOS-ports for my mobile games
  • Ressurect octahedron studios site. It will be just homepage for mobile games. All news will be here
  • Ludum Dare 30 in August
  • New games!

Damn, I’m so glad that I can spent full time to my own projects. I hope I’ll not die from hunger.


Ludum Dare 29 Summary

, or how I fucked up.

I’m very dissapointed, so I do not want write the post of full value. It’s overall place is only 221th. Fool statistic is available at LD-page. It’s very sad adter previous Ludum Dares, when my games always took first hundred. I have some thoughts why it turned like that. But now I put my mind about mobile port with improvements far away.

And here, if you don’t played, the link to the game Snake Intuition. And here the timelapse video of development:

It’s enough for now. Current time I’m working on huge update and iOS-port of my old mobile game Hungry Brothers. I hope I’ll done it soon and do it with my other mobile games. And only after that I’ll start to make new games.