ULTIMATE FRONTIER – January release

The game was done already in December and was made in just one week. This month, I polished it up a bit, added a couple of features. Anyway the game does not look exatctly as I would like.
A little later I’ll write detailed postmortem about development, results and lessons that I have learned.
In the meantime play me new piece of shit game ULTIMATE FRONTIER!
I will be happy if you give good review or just rate it.


Standstill 1

Despite the fact that polishing of the game continues (added a couple of new features), I still have nothing to show. In addition, I have some deals that I need to sort out.

I have some new ideas at my head for future games, but first I need to complete poor January shoot’em up game.


Pixel experiment

The last couple of days I was lazy and didn’t touch development. The only thing  – tried hastily implement old ideas about pixel art stylization. Wanted to cheat: draw in vector and then dynamically render it into pixels.
Well, shit happenes. Altough, static objects (Saturn for example) seems to be quite acceptable to me. Now save this expirement for a while, may be someday I will back to it.


Work resumed

After drunken holidays I resumed work on my game. Today I almost finished the section “Armory”, where player can find his favourite gun. Looks neat, right?
And here, once I started involving into development process, as I realized with horror that spare time is fucked up and there are a couple of days before I need to go to a desk job, which will take all the time.

Generally, it’s still quite difficult – combine fulltime job with development at home. Even when I getting idle time, I want to spend it on entertainment rather that on the development. You are enthusiastically waiting for the weekend to finish the game and when it’s coming – you just spend time for the internets. Don’t care, blog was founded for this, to create motivation: I promise someone that games and articles will come. Really.

Not less than 12 games this year, not less than 50 posts. I really will do this.


January game announcement

To the readers, who randomly come here, did not have doubts about game development derection of this blog, I will post screenshot of my upcoming game.
This is last year’s game, which has an interesting history of development. The game was made within one week, but I totally failed release (my curves hands and thoughts). With my finger, the game was removed from the portal before it collected at least a thousand plays. Damn chinese, I accidentally already saw this game at different portal.
Now I decided to finish development to the desired result and release it again but in the current project – it will be a January game. Originally I wanted to do shoot’em up game but it’s turned into some sort of defender. Not going to fill the history of development and other descriptions of game. Very soon, this month, you’ll be able to touch and play. But do not know yet, it is worth writing articles about this game before or after release. All depends on the fact that the game is almost done and I just lazy to finish it.
Well to hell with it [development], just look at this fucking screenshot.

New sections

Day Two. I created and filled a pair of sections for the blog.

In the Games section now contains links to the few games that I can show you. Feel free to play. In the future, as the releases will come, I will be adding new games there. Needless to say, each release will be loud sanctified in posts of main section of the blog.

Under Who? section I added a bit of information about myself, in case if someone wants to know about this. I dunno what to write there, but as soon as I will invent or remember – certainly will add.

At current time I have another couple of ideas for future posts, which I will try to write in the coming days.


Blog launch

Here it started. I will write here about game development. And many other things that fit and do not fit into the format. Actually, there is no format as it was in my purpose – I wanted a blog where I can write whatever I want in a convenient form for me.

In fact, I am pursuing several purposes:

1. Develop systematic. As stated in the motto of the blog, at least once a month will come out a new game, and once a week – a new post. But I’ll try more. However, add to favorites, it will be another great incentive for me not to drop it.

2. Track own progress. I will try to make plans for a month and other periods (soon I’ll write about plans for January), and enjoy about accompishments in various areas.

3. Train an English language. Since my native language is Russian, I have some problems with English. Will fix.

4. Circle responsibility with my friend. But I will tell about it in some other time.

So, time will tell. This blog is some sort of huge project for me that can lead me to the desired results in 2014. Happy New Year fuckers, it will be a long year.