February game announcement

I spent only one hour and now I think that game idea need some more time for realization. I’m afraid about time: how can I catch?
Howere here my announcement, game will be called Chop-chop Gobbler. It will be a simple clicker. Need to do a lot of non-gamedev things, so haven’t time for good post. Here a little of early progress of game menu.


Lazy bastard

Not so much progress at this week. I’ve created project for the game and started to draw. This will be busy week and I dunno how I’ll finish my game.

C’mon lazy ass! It’s a simple idea and realization. I really need give it just one or two evenings to complete it from blank page.
Sometime I hate my procrastination.


Current business

As you know it’s already February (almost middle) and time for new game. I tried few ideas and stopped on very simple game concept, that will be announced soon. May be it will be on the mobile too, but can’t guarantee.

On the attached gif you can see one of a deferred idea, which will be back later I think. It has awesome story, but boring gameplay and realization. But I like it very much.


Searching ideas

It’s time to do the February game but all earlie prepared ideas weathered out of my head. At the weekend I tried to construct a prototype of new idea by using old pixelization filter. Rendered my apartament but didn’t think about gameplay. I save this prototype until better times and start making a new game.

Now I started to make a new prototype. Trying to implement a very old idea. If in the next few days I will not stop works it’s became a my February game. Wish me luck and do not screw it up with this new shit.

And yes, some fag broke my blog few hours ago but it has been restored. I don’t know why he done that.


Worth it

Despite deserved failure of the game, it’s was suprisingly nice to see Ultimate Frontier on the main page of Newgrounds.
This is not the first time for me, when Tom Fulp places my games at the front page of his site. I terribly flatted as I understand all this undeserved – my games are not cool. Most likely I get this indugence because of embedded adversting of Newgrounds. A great reason to continue doing it.
Anyway achievement Daily 4th place and placement at front page already make my efforts about this game not in vain. I’m already started think about February game.