Work resumed

After drunken holidays I resumed work on my game. Today I almost finished the section “Armory”, where player can find his favourite gun. Looks neat, right?
And here, once I started involving into development process, as I realized with horror that spare time is fucked up and there are a couple of days before I need to go to a desk job, which will take all the time.

Generally, it’s still quite difficult – combine fulltime job with development at home. Even when I getting idle time, I want to spend it on entertainment rather that on the development. You are enthusiastically waiting for the weekend to finish the game and when it’s coming – you just spend time for the internets. Don’t care, blog was founded for this, to create motivation: I promise someone that games and articles will come. Really.

Not less than 12 games this year, not less than 50 posts. I really will do this.

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