Blog launch

Here it started. I will write here about game development. And many other things that fit and do not fit into the format. Actually, there is no format as it was in my purpose – I wanted a blog where I can write whatever I want in a convenient form for me.

In fact, I am pursuing several purposes:

1. Develop systematic. As stated in the motto of the blog, at least once a month will come out a new game, and once a week – a new post. But I’ll try more. However, add to favorites, it will be another great incentive for me not to drop it.

2. Track own progress. I will try to make plans for a month and other periods (soon I’ll write about plans for January), and enjoy about accompishments in various areas.

3. Train an English language. Since my native language is Russian, I have some problems with English. Will fix.

4. Circle responsibility with my friend. But I will tell about it in some other time.

So, time will tell. This blog is some sort of huge project for me that can lead me to the desired results in 2014. Happy New Year fuckers, it will be a long year.

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