January game announcement

To the readers, who randomly come here, did not have doubts about game development derection of this blog, I will post screenshot of my upcoming game.
This is last year’s game, which has an interesting history of development. The game was made within one week, but I totally failed release (my curves hands and thoughts). With my finger, the game was removed from the portal before it collected at least a thousand plays. Damn chinese, I accidentally already saw this game at different portal.
Now I decided to finish development to the desired result and release it again but in the current project – it will be a January game. Originally I wanted to do shoot’em up game but it’s turned into some sort of defender. Not going to fill the history of development and other descriptions of game. Very soon, this month, you’ll be able to touch and play. But do not know yet, it is worth writing articles about this game before or after release. All depends on the fact that the game is almost done and I just lazy to finish it.
Well to hell with it [development], just look at this fucking screenshot.

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