The Return

Reasons for return

More that three years have passed since the last publications in this blog. Now I'm filled with new ideas, desires and power to revive blog and create new content.

In general, I want to do a blog for myself: it's a good opportunity to write some ideas, as well as a good way to practice English. And this post is something like formality, explaining the further destiny of this blog.

What kind of posts are expected in the future?

Of course about game development. I want to pay attention on the analysis of prototypes, new releases and updates – key ideas and hypotheses, devlog notes, current statuses and post-mortems.

Also, I plan to expand the subject of the posts. Lately a number of thoughts have appeared that I want to share with others; in common about self-organization. And I always wanted to review some products (games, movies, software, etc.), now I hope to find time for it.

About tech side of the blog

Old blog used WordPress on custom hosting but it was lost in time. I decided to use Blogger for new version. It's not the best platform for blogging but I like Google services and hope that blogger could be better in future.

I revived old posts using Web Archive but some pictures, links or formatting could be missed. These posts labeled as `oldpost`, don't have great importance, but I want to save them by some reason.

This time I don't promise any regularity of publishing posts, but I'll be glad if you check here sometimes (it's strange that I can't find any subscription tool on the blogger).

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