Little release, new announcement and Twitch

As I said in previous post, PATRIOT project is frozen for indefinite term. But it’s not mean that closed. PATRIOT is almost complete and I will return to it in near future. But I have some news.
Few time ago I released small game called TwoNumbers. It was made in only one night. Game has little confusing rules, but it is very simple and minimalistic. I got some feedback (even from Tom Fulp at PM on Newgrounds) and hope I’ll make mobile port soon. Don’t be strict, just keep in mind that it was made by one man in few hours.
I noticed, that my last games was really simple and small. So I started make new game called Holiday in DPRK. It’s something like jRPG about team of cool soldiers in North Korea which must kill Kim Jong-un. Game is a satiric and trash a little. I started to draw for this game. I hope I will develop it till the end and it will get positive feedback. I planned make game about North Korea already few months, but only short time ago I got nice idea.
And last little news is about my Twitch channel. Sometimes I stream game development there. Not really interesting but who knows. Just follow it. Thanks.

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