Jam week ended

As I said, last week was Jam week. I participated in two events.
First was GamesJamGAMM. It’s a russian game jam. It continued 7 days and had disputable rules. Theme of GJG was ‘phobias’. I didn’t strive and it was something like warm-up before second event. I made a little dumb game (that more looks like cutscene) in 3 evenings. More information about development (it has few interesting facts) will be later after results. Sure, I’m not claim for any victory, just for fun. You can play taphophobia now. It’s take only two minutes for whole game.
Second event, and more important for me, was Ludum Dare 29. I really like it. It was my fourth time when I was involved in compo category. It’s mean that the whole game (idea, code, graphics, etc) was made only by myself in 48 hours. I wanted to try my best, but this time theme ‘beneath the surface’  knocked me down. As always, devlog can be seen at my LD-page. I made something like redefining of classic snake-game. It will be more information about this game after results but now you can play Snake Intuition at Newgrounds.
It’s really cool that Tom Fulp featured my game at main page as always at Ludum Dare. Futhermore, my friend was involved in this Ludum Dare too, and his game also was featured. It was really awesome to give high five to him from main page and from categories page (his icon firstly was choosen as icon for LD 29 but after it was changed).
So, this is my last news. Play in these best games and give 5 stars if you can.

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