It's not over yet

I’m too lazy to write all about my project failure, but I don’t want to make dead-end for this blog. I had some problems with addictions but now they are solved and normalized. Now I’m planning to use it for all my game development news. Stay tuned I’m back.
From my latest news:
  • Chop-chop Gobbler (February game) is frozen. Not sure that I’ll return back to it someday.
  • I’m working as freelancer for small game project. Something like legendary Incredibox but for children.
  • Two game jams are coming, where I’m planning to participate: GamesJamGamm and LD29.
  • I’m working on porting of my Android games to iOS. Don’t have enough time for it, but it is on rails.
  • And, besides all, I continue working at my main job at office.
Wish me luck and all will be fine.

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