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A lot of thoughts I have about PUNCH. The game I made for Ludum Dare 54 (was mentioned at last summary article) and got really good results.

Some people was keeping telling me that I need to do that and that about the game. And everything was accumulating in my head for a while for bigger picture.

In the end maybe this article would help to relieve and never come back to that game – as it usually working with plans when you sharing it and never complete because you are getting people reactions already and no need to finish project for that.

The picture starts giving me a tic

PUNCH should become universal game, consisting of different game modes. Ludum Dare original simple physics and controls should become a pillar, game law, rule if you want. It should be customizable, platform independent, who knows maybe even open-sourced in the end.

To find the game modes or other values, where I should to put my efforts, is one of the most difficult tasks I have. «Limited Resources» is my personal ludum dare theme for whole life. Work smart, not hard, people saying. Anyway I'm trying just work, my minimal barrier. Low-key it called I think.

For now, the most clearest vision for nearest future I have, is having multiple modes, at least 3-in-1:

  • original linear levels from compo version, it is already contains entities like bosses, bonus levels and learning curve;
  • PvP arena, that is already released on itch.io and standalone downloadable/web version;
  • infinite rogue-like or "survio" game mode, some prototyping already started on that direction.
And that's it, in short. Thank you for reading.

Well, after sharing all this thoughts I'm already feeling some relieve. I also felt relieve few days ago when I finally published PUNCH on GooglePlay that is kind of proof of concept for mobile version of the game that challenged some UX. And I was mentioning platform independence – ideally PUNCH mega app should be almost equally playable on mobile, desktop and console with it all game modes... Oh, my wet dreams.

Also coming with cool or fun titles is such a mind gum. You already saw PUNCH ARENA for PvP version. And so on: PUNCH MOBILE, PUNCH X, SECOND PUNCH, PUNCH BALLS etc.

PUNCH 2/II, when?

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