Ports to iOS — check

After I left my job, it was pretty easy to complete updates and ports. Before I planned it done until summer end but now it was finished in few weeks. I’m glad. Here are the links in AppStore:
And guess what? I reincarnated my octahedron studios site. New lite WordPress design and separate  pages for games. Hope you like it. It need some work and time but it better than it was before (static blank page if you remember).
Now I’m started working on new project, that not really game but huge social experiment. It will be awesome and weird. And now I’m not alone with it: my old friend helping me with server side programming. It first not solo experience in development for me (except taphophobia of course).
It will be a lot of news at near time. You can follow my fresh Twitter — there are will be some short news.
Thanks for reading, I’m happy.

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